Give your little one the special gift of massage and gain the confidence of daily baby care !

Baby Massage

    by Aleksandra

The baby massage known as Shantala’s massage originates from the Indian tradition. It takes its name from the woman Shantala, whom the French obstetrician Frederique Leboyer met. He was so captivated by this massage that he brought it to Europe. Baby massage is a massage technique that is already suitable for newborn babies and can be carried out by the mother, father or other carer. The technique consists of an appropriate sequence of movements of gentle stroking. Regular massage has a positive effect not only on the baby, but also on the person performing the massage. Among other things, massage helps the baby to regulate sleep, aids digestion, calms, strengthens immunity and the emotional bond with the parent. It helps the parent to learn to understand the child better and increase self-confidence.

In a small group of 3 to 5 parent-infant pairs, you will learn how to massage your baby. As a massage instructor, I demonstrate massage techniques on a doll and the parent massages their child during the class. Four classes of one hour each are required to learn the entire massage, but it is possible to join during one cycle and continue learning in the next cycle of classes.


Handling are the care methods and daily activities that you do every day with your baby. In this course you will learn how to lift, carry or change the nappy of your newborn and older baby in a good way to support their development. You will also learn what positions are good for your baby when playing, eating or washing. The classes will help you gain confidence and you will enjoy parenting more. Small groups of 3 to 5 parent-infant pairs, which I try to create so that there is not too much age difference between the infants.
➨About me:
My name is Aleksandra Slominska and I am a child physiotherapist with over 10 years of professional experience. I am originally from Poland and have been living in Kilchberg for 5 years, but in the meantime I have also
lived in Israel and the United States. On a daily basis I work with babies (and older children) at Praxis in Feldmeilen. I am an NDT- Bobath Baby therapist, a method with a strong emphasis on the care and physiological development of newborns and infants. In 2014, I also obtained my diploma as a Baby/Shantala’s massage instructor.
Privately, I am a mum of two little girls, who love dancing and all kinds of mountain trips.
More information about me can be found at

PREISE Baby Massage / PREISE Handling

  • Single lesson/trial lesson à 60 min. 40.00 Fr
  • Entire course / 4 meetings 140.00 Fr
  • Single lesson handling à 60min 40.00 Fr


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